Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Naa ~ Fresh n Awesome

5 07 2008

Remember the feeling that you had when you came out of the cinema halls after watching Dil Chahta Hai? How refreshing was it? It was an amazing feeling… right? Didn’t you tend to love each and every character in the film? Well, you will have a similar feeling after watching Jaane Tu… Although Dil Chahta Hai’s storyline was mind blowing, Jaane Tu plays itself safe with the tried and tested love triangle/quadrangle story.

The plot of the movie is similar to Ishq Vishk or Niram (Malayalam). Two best friends – a boy and a girl. They like each other more than anyone else. But they don’t know that they are in love. Their friends, parents, everyone thinks that they are in love. But not these two. The story is the same, but its the execution and the casting that makes this movie special. Like Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak’s story was almost similar to a dozen movies made one a similar plot. Yet even after 19 years of its release, QSQT holds a special place in our hearts.

The movie begins with a group of friends narrating the story to one of the group member’s yet-to-be girlfriend at the airport. The story of how Jai (Imran Khan) does everything under the sun to keep Aditi (Genelia) happy. They are one of the friends who cross the limits of friendship, yet don’t realize that they are in love. When their parents ask if they are ready for marriage, they are shocked. They refuse and then start searching for a life partner for the other. Aditi manages to get a girlfriend for Jai. But later she feels jealous as Jai moves away from her. Then she herself gets engaged to her father’s friend’s son. But both Jai and Aditi’s relationship with their fiancee/girlfriend turns sour and like a good hindi movie, the two marry in the end.

Both Imran and Genelia were amazing in their roles. They managed to full birdie with this one. I have seen Genelia in two other movies (Santosh Subramanium and Mere Baap Pehle Aap) and in both the movies, I did not like her very much. But this one changed it all. Imran was very natural and did not have the first-timer fear factor in him. This boy is far far better than Ranbir Kapoor (who undeservedly won all the awards last year for best new comer) and this year, Imran can easily beat Harman Baweja, who has had a very bad career launch with Love Story 2050. The other supporting cast were also very good. Ratna Pathak as Jai’s mother was awesome. Naseeruddin Shah as Jai’s late father (who speaks from a photo frame – the Hum Panch way) was too good. Paresh Rawal, Sohail Khan and Arbaaz Khan with their limited roles did well. They managed to tickle the funny bone at the right moment.

Music by the God himself – Rahman – was worth a bow. The first time I heard the music, it did not have the classic touch that every Rahman music has. But after watching the movie, I feel the music was apt for the story. Every song was composed keeping the script in mind. And the best thing in the movie was – every song was worth its presence. Nowhere will you feel that the song was not required. The songs were not used as fillers. They deserved their place. And Rahman does full justice to the script!

There were a few scenes that you will remember forever. The scene where Aditi asks her brother Amit if she can sit and he says, “You home, your bum, you can sit wherever you want!”. The dialogue was so spontaneous that you will laugh at it every time you think about it. There were many such scenes which will be remembered for a long time for its classic execution.

I spent 100 bucks for the movie and it was worth 200 bucks. Total paisa wasool stuff! And also worth watching second time.

Rating: 4.5/5
Advice: Worth spending your hard-earned money on!


Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic ~ Thoda Boring

4 07 2008

I watched Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic last night. It was a good movie after I was suffering Friday Syndrome all day long! This movie was released last week and long with another movie with a similar name – Thodi Life Thoda Magic. I do not understand why people do this? Is it like they are so sure that the movie wont work and the only prospective viewers for the movie are the ones who mistakenly enter the cinema hall wanting to watch Saif and Rani and end up watching Jackie Shroff and Meera Vasudevan!!!

Coming back to the point, this movie was, I guess, supposed to release during summer vacation days. And one very strong reason behind this is that this movie is meant for kids. And they will have hell a lot of fun watching this one. It has four kids troubling their caretaker Saif Ali Khan. Its a perfect movie for kids of all ages (under 16).

But wait… if this was a movie intended for kids, then what was the song – Lazy Lamhe – doing in the movie? The plot of the song is a pool-side party with all firang babes in bikini. I can understand a one or two second shot if it was very much required. But this 5 minutes 12 seconds song!!! I think Kunal Kohli was out of his mind when he was shooting this song. Or probably he forgot that he was making a movie for kids. Or another reason could be that he wanted to impress a few movie reviewers who do not give 3+ stars unless they see girls in chaddis!

From the acting perspective, Saif and Rani were just ordinary. You just cannot believe that these are the same actors who portrayed Langda Tyagi (Omkara) and Michelle McNally (Black). It depends so much on the director and the story line for an actor to get his best out of him/her! All the four kids were awesome… They acted beyond their age and gave out mind-blowing performance. Amisha Patel was a waste of casting anyway. They could have got any female actor in her place as the role demanded nothing out of her.

The movie begins with Saif’s car hitting another car (a BMW hitting a Maruti 800) in the streets of Delhi and the couple in the car (parents of four kids) dying on the spot. Then the court gives a landmark decision and asks Saif to take care of the four kids. They are irritated because they knew that Saif and killed their parents and wanted to take revenge. While doing so they are also frustrated to stay with him and ask God for help. And the God in the movie (Rishi Kapoor) sends his favourite angel (Rani) to help the family. She being an angel does a dozen magic tricks and gets Saif and the kids together. Finally God asks to her to come back to heaven, but these five of them (the kids and Saif) pray to God to give her back and God hears their prayers (yet again!) and they get Rani back… THE END!

If Yash Raj film plan a comeback after the Tashan debacle with such a silly plot, either they are insane or they are taking the audience for granted! I am not sure if this movie will be in the screens for more than 2 weeks!

My Rating: 2/5
My Advice: Watch it only if you have nothing else to do and someone is sponsoring the ticket!