Rock On… But It Hardly Rocks!

31 08 2008

Friday evening I read the reviews on Rediff and Rock On bagged 4/5 stars. Taran Adarsh gave it a four again. DNA… 4 again. So obviously my expectations were sky high. Taran Adarsh even went on to say that this one is like Dil Chahta Hai 2. But alas, by the time the movie got over, I was still searching for atleast one scene which was made as good as DCH… forget exceeding it.

For me, Rock On was just another movie. It had some good performances by Arjun Rampal and Farhan Akhthar, but apart from that this movie does not deserve anything more than 2 to 2½ stars. It did not have a mind-blowing storyline (like Dil Chahta Hai did), it did not have some exceptionally well shot scenes (again like what DCH did) and it did not have emotions booming out (again like DCH). So I fail to understand what exactly was there in this movie that makes it VERY GOOD? For a non-rock-lover like me, none of the songs made much sense. And I’m sure no rock-lover would appreciate it either. So apart from the fact that this movie was made by Anil Ambani’s Big Entertainment, this movie had no other reason to get so much acclaim that it is getting now.

The movie starts of in a similar way like Dil Chahta Hai where the friends are separated and everything goes in flashback. How they were together, rocking all the time. And now they compromised with the choices they made with their lives and they are living a life in which they are suffocating themselves. Then Farhan’s wife discovers his past and she tries to unearth his buried past and tries to make him happy. But when the plan backfires, she gives him the typical filmy heroine dialogue and goes to her maika. Then Farhan realizes the mistake he did with his life and gets back to his band. And then finally they give another show successfully.
The movie had too many flaws in it. The biggest one was Farhan’s behavior. When the band breaks up after Arjun Rampal hits the director of their music album and Farhan, he (Farhan) leaves the city… which is fair enough. But for the same reason he dumps his girlfriend!!! Now what was that? I mean, if I have some problem with my rock band, I fight with one of the band members and then I dump my girlfriend… how DUMB is that! Next, when Arjun and Farhan patch up again, the scene had ZERO emotions. It actually took KD to tell us not to get senti… Thanks KD, I never knew the scene was a senti scene. I felt like someone cracked a PJ and then said… “Doston, joke khatam ho gaya… ab haso”!!!

These were two glaring mistakes in the film. If I go on to point out other silly mistakes like lack of lip sync in far too many scenes during songs and playing improper chords of the guitar, I would probably end up writing a bigger blog than the entire script of the movie!

On the whole, I think this was just an average movie. It did not take me by the wave. It did not even emote 1/10th the emotions as what a classic like Dil Chahta Hai emoted. I could not even smile on most of the jokes (rather PJs). It did not have any extraordinary mind-blowing acting performance by any of the actors, although I would say that Arjun and Farhan were better than the others.  The story was lukewarm. The cinematography/direction was average. Music was okay. Overall this was just an OKAY film. Watch it only if you have nothing else to do and have a few bucks to spend (or waste)!

Rating: 2/5