Six Movies This Weekend

23 11 2008

This weekend has been the most relaxing weekend of 2008 for me. I did not do anything apart from the thing I love doing… that is watching movies! I watched six movies from Friday night to Sunday evening. That’s an extraordinary feat for a normal person and a “good one” for a movie freak like me.

I would like to note down about the movies I saw for two things. One – so that I can remember what was special in the film (from my perspective). And TWO – for others who have a similar taste as I do to decide if they really want to watch the movie.

NOTE: Rollover the text after CLIMAX to read the climax.

Bankok Dangerous:
Reason I saw the movie: Nicholas Cage
How was it: Okay. Not Bad
What was good: Action was good. Nick was great as usual. Screenplay was nice.
What was bad: Bad storyline. Some scenes were poorly shot.
Gist of the movie: Nicholas Cage is a contract killer who decides to call it a day after his current assignment. He usually kills the guy who helps him in the assignment. But he could see the same passion to succeed in the guy who is helping him in this assignment. So he decides to teach this kid the tips and tricks of trade. And as the assignment is getting over, this kid gets stuck in the villian’s trap.
Climax: Nicholas Cage had to shoot a good local politician. But he does not do that. Instead he kills the person who hired him and also kills himself.
My Verdict: 6/10

Righteous Kill
Reason I saw the movie: Al Pacino and Robert De Niro combination
How was it: Very Good
What was good: Al Pacino
What was bad: A few screwed up scenes in between
Gist of the movie: Its the story of two cops who are incharge of investigating a case of a series of murders done by a serial killer. He writes poems after killing all the people. But he kills only bad people. Al Pacino and Robert De Niro are accompanied by two offiers from local police department and one of the officers who had a personal grudge with Robert De Niro believes that Robert De Niro is the serial killer.
Climax: Al Pacino does all the murders. Russel Crowe kills him in the end and quits police duty.
My Verdict: 9/10

Varanam Aayiram
Reason I saw the movie: The hype about Surya’s acting
How was it: Good.
What was good: Surya’s acting. The plot and cinematography
What was bad: A few flaws. Poor acting by Divya.
Gist of the movie: Its a story of Surya (in double-role – the father-son duo) where the father dies when the son is on a army rescue mission and Surya gets the news when he is on board in the helicopter. He is shocked and broken after hearing the news. Then he thinks about everything that has happened between him and his dad. And the rest 85-90% of the movie is in flashback. Sameera Reddy is sexy as ever. And had a nice and easy role to play in the movie. Surya has amazed in the various roles he did in the movie. The college boy of 60’s, young father of 70’s, school boy of 80’s, college boy of 90’s, upcoming successful businessman, a passionate lover, a depressed lover, a drug addict, a military officer and a throat cancer affected old man. All these roles in a single movie… thats the most amazing part which deserves a standing ovation!
Climax: No surprise element here. The son Surya finishes his rescue mission successfully and comes back home and does the last rites.
My Verdict: 7.5/10

Reason I saw the movie: Did not have anything better to see and my cousin had said that the movie is a good one time watch
How was it: Surprisingly good
What was good: Everyting that a Tamil action movie should have
What was bad: Over-powered hero’s emotionless acting
Gist of the movie: The movie begins with a few goons chasing a guy named Ganesh (the hero) who seems to be absconding. He is hiding himself in a medical hostel in Chennai. Till the interval, you dont even come to know why the goons are chasing him. Its only after the interval that he reveals the story to Vadivel. Then the rest of the story is how he rescues himself and Trisha from the mess.
Climax: The villain’s sister had accidentally died with electric shock while trying to kill the hero as he had rejected her marriage proposal. The two villian brothers go on a hunting mission and the younger brother kills himself. The hero breaks the main villian’s hand but spares him his life.
My Verdict: 6.5/10

Reason I saw the movie: It got released this week
How was it: Okay… Not bad
What was good: The plot, Mithun’s performance, the music of Rahman and a few nice scenes.
What was bad: The execution, Salman’s acting, and the length of the movie
Gist of the movie: Salman loves Katrina. Boman Irani (Katrina’s father) does not want her to marry Sallu coz he believes that Sallu is not a family man. Sallu’s father threw him out of the house 12 years back. He has not seen his father since then. Then he reads in the paper that his father is dead. So he goes back home to get his share of his father’s multi-billion fortune. What happens is a series of melodramatic events between his mentally retarded step-brother Anil Kapoor and his spoilt debt-ridden younger bother Zayed Khan.
Climax: The relatives poison Anil Kapoor’s inhaler and try to put the blame on Salman and Zayed. But Salman takes Anil to hospital at the right time and begs Boman who is there in the hospital at that time to rescue his brother even at the cost of Katrina (which impresses Boman). In the end, everything ends well.
My Verdict: 5/10

Mixed Doubles
Reason I saw the movie: Had heard a lot about it
How was it: Amazing
What was good: The acting of all the Ranvir Shorey, Konkona, Vinay Pathak and most of the other actors
What was bad: Nothing really
Gist of the movie: Its about a happy couple (Ranvir and Konkona) who are leading a normal life. But Ranvir is not that satisfied with the relationship and wants to do something different. One day his old buddy from US turns up for dinner and claims that the secret of his youth is swinging (wife-swapping). Ranvir does everything to convince Konkona to go for it. He finds Rajat Kapoor through an ad. And then just before the d-day (or rather d-night), he comes to know that his friend had just fooled around and they never did such a thing in the US. But Ranvir had already put his foot in the hole and could not get out that easily. What happens later is the best part of the movie.
Climax: Ranvir’s and his one-night partner play a lot of games and she sleeps before he could do anything and Konkona just talks with Rajat Kapoor to spend the night. And the movie ends with a quarrel between Ranvir and Konkona but they cool down later and are back to their normal life.
My Verdict:8/10

Thats it for this week!