Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

20 12 2008

This movie was launched with a lot of hype about how great the movie is. Some even went on to say that the movie was even supposed to be better than DDLJ. So basically when I sat to watch the movie, my expectations were sky high.

When the movie started, after seeing the first five minutes, I had a feeling that the movie would be something different and I was so sure that I would love the film. But as the movie progressed, the feeling was continuously changing. And the moment the “youthful” SRK entered, and the heroine could not recognize him… MAN!!! I was irritated. I don’t know if the heroine suffered from Prosopagnosia or it is something inbuilt into girls that when a guy gets rid of his mustache and redresses his hair, he becomes unrecognizable! Thank God, our Police doesn’t suffer from this disorder 🙂

Coming to the story, its a story of a married couple Surinder Sahni a.k.a Suri and Taani, who are “socially” married, but not in any other way. Mentally, Taani has not yet accepted Suri as her husband. The movie starts with Suri going to attend Taani (Suri’s school teacher’s daughter) marriage. But when the baaraat was arriving, their bus meets with an accident and everyone dies. Taani’s dad gets a heart attack and on the death bed, he requests Suri to marry Taani. And Taani left with no other choice than accepting he dying father’s wish marries the boring Suri.

Suri wants to keep her happy but he is not able to do that. One fine day a dance competition is announced and Taani requests Suri to allow her participate in the competition. Suri wishes to see her dance and so he asks his best friend Bobby (Vinay Pathak.. not even Vinay could save this sinking ship called RNBDJ) to change his look. Bobby does his best and guarantees that his bhabhi wont be able to recognize him (I appreciate Bobby’s confidence in guessing Taani’s IQ) and if she does then he will close his hair styling business and return back to his village.

Suri goes to the competition, in the same kind of dress he wore in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai during the college days, to see his wife dance. But in turn he ends up participating in the competition. And Rab decides to make Taani his dancing partner. And when Taani asks his name, he becomes RAJ… Naam To Suna Hi Hoga Aapne. Then for the next one hour, Raj impresses Taani in even given opportunity. Finally on a day when Raj claims his birthday, he takes Taani out and proposes her. She agrees to run away with Raj far away from her boring husband Suri.

But her heart doesn’t fully agree to this decision. This puts her in deep dilemma. Whether to go with Raj who gives her all the love and happiness in the world or to stay back with Suri who held her hand in the moment of highest pain when she lost her father and everything else in the world. Her decision is the climax of the movie…

CLIMAX (Click and drag to read the climax): On the D-day of the dance show when Raj’s name is announced on the stage, he doesnt turn up. And after a few seconds on wait, SRK comes in as Suri and dances with Taani. It it only when Suri dances like Raj, does she Raj = Suri. Thank God… her passion for dancing helps her understand the “complex” equation… nahi to pata nahi kya hota! And then there is a typical Yash Raj banner dialogue and then THE END – I heaved a sigh of relief!

Rating: 4/10
My Thoughts: Don’t watch it unless someone buys u a ticket!