Dev.D – The Debacle

3 04 2009
Dev.D Poster


I started watching this movie without much expectations – I hardly have any expectations from Anurag Kashyap. And to my surprise, the movie was not that bad (but min you, it was not good either!!). The cast, except for Abhay Deol may not even be recognizable. I felt Abhay Deol was top class (as usual). Mahie Gill and Kalki Koechlin as Paro and Chanda respectively were below par. Both of them need serious acting classes before they do their next film.

The flow of the movie was in lines with the masterpiece – Devdas. But throughout the movie, there was dryness. The movie does not keep the viewer held up. The character of Dev is so irrational. A normal person would never do something like what Dev does so often. It is okay if you portray a character with irrational behavior, but at least do it with consistency… but even that is missing!!!

Overall the movie was okay – if you don’t have anything good to do, then watch this movie. It is better than No Smoking and Gulaal. But still, I would have to give serious thought before watching Kashyap’s next venture – Jihaad.

Rating: 2/5




One response

7 04 2009

Second to your assessment. Its well written in parts.

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