The Prestige – Superb

11 04 2009
The Prestige

The Prestige

I had watched half of this movie somewhere in 2007 and I slept half way through the movie. It was at the onset of an era for me when I had just begun watching the “Drama” genre of movies. My love at that time was thrillers and action movies – movies which had fast-paced stories, lot of things happening on the scene, and stuff like that. But The Prestige is nothing like that. It is a typical Oscar-type movie.

The movie is about two rival magicians – young, enthusiastic, fame-hungry, and above all, hyper-passionate about their success. The story revolves around how these two magicians outperform each other and they try to know the secrets of their counterpart by hook or by crook.

While most of the time they manage to find out the secret, it is something that results in their own ruin. Although neither of them wanted to kill each other, they inadvertently end up doing that. And the last 15 minutes of the movie will take you through a storm. Let me warn you, the movie may look slow initially, but you will need to watch the movie very carefully, especially the second half, to understand what’s happening. The story is a bit complicated, but at the same time, it is very interesting. As many great movies are… the best part of the entire buildup of the movie is its climax. Christopher Nolan handles it very well in The Prestige.

Rating: 8/10




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