Mappillai (2011) – Dhanush ~ Horrible!

16 04 2011

Dhanush has been one of my favorite actors off late. He does not have a charming personality, he does not have a great built (no built in fact) and yet his movies are very nice. In 2011, I saw Aadu Kalam and Seedan. Aadu Kalam was very good and Seedan was okay. But this one – Mappillai – was seriously horrible. It had stories flicked from all over the places and yet it looked like unfinished Lego blocks.

The first half-an-hour was unbearable. Vivek portraying a spoiled brat (“Youth” as he calls himself) was very bad. It was supposed to be the comedy part of the movie but forget laughing, I couldn’t even smile. The movie gets okay after Manisha Koirala’s entry. From there on, it could have been a good movie. And believe me, it looked promising. Especially from Manisha Koirala’s entry till interval looked like a typical Dhanush movie. But after that, it went from bad – to worse – to unbearable.

If you are still interested in reading the story, here it goes. The movie starts with Vivek getting hammered for being irresponsible. Vivek and his three useless friends just loiter around wasting their time and their parent’s money. Dhanush on the other hand is a “good boy” who goes to all the temples and acts responsibly. One day Dhanush gives an idea to stop their funding. Vivek comes to Dhanush for an idea to get rich and Dhanush asks him to love/marry a rich girl. Now comes Hansika Motwani and Vivek tries to woo her. But co-incidentally Dhanush impresses her. One day Manisha Koirala sees the two together and asks her henchmen to get Dhanush. She decides to select Dhanush as she needs a houesehold-son-in-law (veetodu mappillai). The cards are printed and then Koirala finds that Dhanush has a “past”!

Dhanush was a rowdy and was ousted by the villagers. But somehow Dhanush manages to marry Hansika. But Koirala stops the newly-wed to have their first night. But still Dhanush “does” it. Dhanush’s sister loves Hansika’s brother. One day Koirala insults Dhanush’s parents. To take revenge, Dhanush sets up Vivek as a rich businessman and Dhanush’s sister as Vivek’s daughter. Then follows a series of un-laughable, un-smilable comedy!

The climax is even more unbearable. I don’t think its even worth blogging it.

Rating: * (1 out of 5)




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