Mappillai (2011) – Dhanush ~ Horrible!

16 04 2011

Dhanush has been one of my favorite actors off late. He does not have a charming personality, he does not have a great built (no built in fact) and yet his movies are very nice. In 2011, I saw Aadu Kalam and Seedan. Aadu Kalam was very good and Seedan was okay. But this one – Mappillai – was seriously horrible. It had stories flicked from all over the places and yet it looked like unfinished Lego blocks.

The first half-an-hour was unbearable. Vivek portraying a spoiled brat (“Youth” as he calls himself) was very bad. It was supposed to be the comedy part of the movie but forget laughing, I couldn’t even smile. The movie gets okay after Manisha Koirala’s entry. From there on, it could have been a good movie. And believe me, it looked promising. Especially from Manisha Koirala’s entry till interval looked like a typical Dhanush movie. But after that, it went from bad – to worse – to unbearable.

If you are still interested in reading the story, here it goes. The movie starts with Vivek getting hammered for being irresponsible. Vivek and his three useless friends just loiter around wasting their time and their parent’s money. Dhanush on the other hand is a “good boy” who goes to all the temples and acts responsibly. One day Dhanush gives an idea to stop their funding. Vivek comes to Dhanush for an idea to get rich and Dhanush asks him to love/marry a rich girl. Now comes Hansika Motwani and Vivek tries to woo her. But co-incidentally Dhanush impresses her. One day Manisha Koirala sees the two together and asks her henchmen to get Dhanush. She decides to select Dhanush as she needs a houesehold-son-in-law (veetodu mappillai). The cards are printed and then Koirala finds that Dhanush has a “past”!

Dhanush was a rowdy and was ousted by the villagers. But somehow Dhanush manages to marry Hansika. But Koirala stops the newly-wed to have their first night. But still Dhanush “does” it. Dhanush’s sister loves Hansika’s brother. One day Koirala insults Dhanush’s parents. To take revenge, Dhanush sets up Vivek as a rich businessman and Dhanush’s sister as Vivek’s daughter. Then follows a series of un-laughable, un-smilable comedy!

The climax is even more unbearable. I don’t think its even worth blogging it.

Rating: * (1 out of 5)


Fast and the Furious 4

12 04 2009
Fast & Furious 4

Fast & Furious 4

The movie is fast as its three predecessors, but not as furious. The movie starts with Vin Diesel (Dominic Toretto) and his team hijacking an oil tanker. It was an impressive start – I must say! The action was spot on and the adrenaline was created in the viewer’s mind. After this attempt, Toretto realizes that what they are doing is too dangerous and withdraws himself from the act and recommends others too to stop. He then moves to an unknown location in Panama City.

His girlfriend Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) gets herself killed. It’s then the quest to find her murderer that Toretto gets into. O’Connor (Paul Walker) from the FBI also investigates the case in parallel. FBI wants the head honcho of the crime network that was responsible for Letty’s murder. Toretto wants to punish the person who killed Letty. The rest of the movie revolving around this – with lots of action, races, and bikini babes!

The movie lacked the strength in the story. However the action and racing covered it up pretty decently. With a better storyline, the movie could have become a 8+ on IMDB. But anyways…!

Rating: 3½/5

The Prestige – Superb

11 04 2009
The Prestige

The Prestige

I had watched half of this movie somewhere in 2007 and I slept half way through the movie. It was at the onset of an era for me when I had just begun watching the “Drama” genre of movies. My love at that time was thrillers and action movies – movies which had fast-paced stories, lot of things happening on the scene, and stuff like that. But The Prestige is nothing like that. It is a typical Oscar-type movie.

The movie is about two rival magicians – young, enthusiastic, fame-hungry, and above all, hyper-passionate about their success. The story revolves around how these two magicians outperform each other and they try to know the secrets of their counterpart by hook or by crook.

While most of the time they manage to find out the secret, it is something that results in their own ruin. Although neither of them wanted to kill each other, they inadvertently end up doing that. And the last 15 minutes of the movie will take you through a storm. Let me warn you, the movie may look slow initially, but you will need to watch the movie very carefully, especially the second half, to understand what’s happening. The story is a bit complicated, but at the same time, it is very interesting. As many great movies are… the best part of the entire buildup of the movie is its climax. Christopher Nolan handles it very well in The Prestige.

Rating: 8/10

Dhoondte Reh Jaoge – Yuck!

4 04 2009
Dhoondte Reh Jaoge

Dhoondte Reh Jaoge

This movie should be shown in the film institute to show “how not to make a movie”. If there would be Razzie Awards (for worst movies in a year) in India, this one is a front runner to be nominated. Everything in the movie is wrong except for Paresh Rawal. I think I would have stopped watching the movie half was through if it did not have a few moments of saving grace by Paresh Rawal.  Be it Kunal Khemu or Soha Ali Khan or Sonu Sood, everyone in the movie were irritating! Some scenes like the one where Kunal Khemu runs from the goons and Soha tells him “I did not expect this from you” crap – it looked so filmy! The story lacked content, logic, and punch. In fact it was like Pav Bhaji without red chili powder. And worst of it is the way they ended the movie. I mean, had they (Paresh Rawal and Kunal Khemu) been successful in the venture of making a flop movie, I felt that would have been easier to digest than the insane climax that was shown.

It is a sheet waste of time and I think this movie was made for the same reason for which “Solay to L’gaan” was made in the movie. The only thing that was logical in the movie is its title – Dhoondte Reh Jaoge – I am still searching (for the logic, the time wasted, anything and everything that you can think of…)

Rating: 1/5 (DO NOT WATCH)

Dev.D – The Debacle

3 04 2009
Dev.D Poster


I started watching this movie without much expectations – I hardly have any expectations from Anurag Kashyap. And to my surprise, the movie was not that bad (but min you, it was not good either!!). The cast, except for Abhay Deol may not even be recognizable. I felt Abhay Deol was top class (as usual). Mahie Gill and Kalki Koechlin as Paro and Chanda respectively were below par. Both of them need serious acting classes before they do their next film.

The flow of the movie was in lines with the masterpiece – Devdas. But throughout the movie, there was dryness. The movie does not keep the viewer held up. The character of Dev is so irrational. A normal person would never do something like what Dev does so often. It is okay if you portray a character with irrational behavior, but at least do it with consistency… but even that is missing!!!

Overall the movie was okay – if you don’t have anything good to do, then watch this movie. It is better than No Smoking and Gulaal. But still, I would have to give serious thought before watching Kashyap’s next venture – Jihaad.

Rating: 2/5

Delhi-6 : Good, but could have been Better

21 02 2009

I went into the movie hall with big expectations. And why wouldn’t I? After seeing a masterpiece like Rang De Basanti coming from Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra’s hat, one would expect something close to that if not better. But then I had read rave reviews about the movie as well. But then I have a tendency to not go by the reviewer’s words as the choice of a movie varies largely from person to person.

Delhi 6

Delhi 6

Delhi 6 had a very promising start. The way Chandni Chowk (Delhi – 110006) was introduced was mind blowing. I had been there just once and I could still feel the heartbeat of the place. I could imagine how the guys from Delhi would be feeling! And the action has been very well captured – especially the Friday namaz of Jama Masjid, the bustling narrow lanes of Chandni Chowk and the attitude of its residents.

Delhi-6 is a story of a simple guy – Roshan Mehra (Abhishek Bachchan) from the US of A who brings his grandmother (Waheeda Rahman) back to her own motherland. She is ailing with some heart disease which cannot be cured. And she wants to die in India. They get a warm welcome from the residents of Delhi-6. Roshan, who is not very familiar with such kind of hospitality finds it awkward, but later he starts enjoying it. He captures all these moments in his Motorola (I think it was Moto ROKR E8). There he meets one of his neighbor – Bittu Sharma (Sonam Kapoor), a wannabe Indian Idol. But her father wants her to get married at any cost. The first half of the movie goes in introducing these entertaining and interesting characters. Some characters like Ali uncle (Rishi Kapoor), Gobar (Atul Kulkarni), Madangopal (Om Puri), Jaigopal (Pavan Malhotra) and Jalebi (Divya Dutta) were very interesting and lively. I thoroughly enjoyed the performance of all these people. Apart from them, the cameos by Vijay Raaz – Kawwa Biryani fame of Run – as Inspector Ranvijay, characters like Mamdu, Rama Bua etc were nice and memorable. Cyrus Sahukar and Prem Chopra were grossly underutilized. But the director can’t be blamed for that in a movie that has so many characters.

The heart of the movie revolves the “Kala Bandar” (Black Monkey). No, it’s not about some gorilla or chimpanzee, but it’s a hysterical character that everyone tries to make use of for their own good. A series of murders and robbery happens and whatever happens in and around Delhi, the kala bandar is accredited for that. The life of the people in Chandni Chowk changes, when one of their own “brother” Mamdu’s shop is allegedly attacked by the kala bandar. Then a series of allegations results in a Hindu-Muslim riot situation. So far so good, but how each of the characters were used in this scenario would make you love or hate the movie.

The performance of Abhishek and Sonam, both were good, if not exceptional. Some scenes were done very nicely. Waheeda Rahman was at her best. So were Rishi Kapoor and Atul Kulkarni. And I must mention that Sonam Kapoor looked gorgeous! She has now climbed up my list of favorite heroines she is just one below Priyanka Chopra, who is still at the top 🙂

According to me, the plot was very good. But the climax could have been handled in a much more interesting way. I understood what the director wanted to convey. But then the message is not in pure black and white. It has so many gray shades that it leaves the viewer confused at times as to what exactly the director wanted to say. I wouldn’t say that Delhi-6 is a worthy follow-up for Rang De Basanti, but on an individual note, it’s a good movie. I can say that this is the best movie in 2009 (considering that it’s just February!). But I feel this one would not get the word-of-mouth publicity that RDB got. And although my head says that the movie won’t be a blockbuster, my heart wants it to be one!!!

Rating: *** (3/5)

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

20 12 2008

This movie was launched with a lot of hype about how great the movie is. Some even went on to say that the movie was even supposed to be better than DDLJ. So basically when I sat to watch the movie, my expectations were sky high.

When the movie started, after seeing the first five minutes, I had a feeling that the movie would be something different and I was so sure that I would love the film. But as the movie progressed, the feeling was continuously changing. And the moment the “youthful” SRK entered, and the heroine could not recognize him… MAN!!! I was irritated. I don’t know if the heroine suffered from Prosopagnosia or it is something inbuilt into girls that when a guy gets rid of his mustache and redresses his hair, he becomes unrecognizable! Thank God, our Police doesn’t suffer from this disorder 🙂

Coming to the story, its a story of a married couple Surinder Sahni a.k.a Suri and Taani, who are “socially” married, but not in any other way. Mentally, Taani has not yet accepted Suri as her husband. The movie starts with Suri going to attend Taani (Suri’s school teacher’s daughter) marriage. But when the baaraat was arriving, their bus meets with an accident and everyone dies. Taani’s dad gets a heart attack and on the death bed, he requests Suri to marry Taani. And Taani left with no other choice than accepting he dying father’s wish marries the boring Suri.

Suri wants to keep her happy but he is not able to do that. One fine day a dance competition is announced and Taani requests Suri to allow her participate in the competition. Suri wishes to see her dance and so he asks his best friend Bobby (Vinay Pathak.. not even Vinay could save this sinking ship called RNBDJ) to change his look. Bobby does his best and guarantees that his bhabhi wont be able to recognize him (I appreciate Bobby’s confidence in guessing Taani’s IQ) and if she does then he will close his hair styling business and return back to his village.

Suri goes to the competition, in the same kind of dress he wore in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai during the college days, to see his wife dance. But in turn he ends up participating in the competition. And Rab decides to make Taani his dancing partner. And when Taani asks his name, he becomes RAJ… Naam To Suna Hi Hoga Aapne. Then for the next one hour, Raj impresses Taani in even given opportunity. Finally on a day when Raj claims his birthday, he takes Taani out and proposes her. She agrees to run away with Raj far away from her boring husband Suri.

But her heart doesn’t fully agree to this decision. This puts her in deep dilemma. Whether to go with Raj who gives her all the love and happiness in the world or to stay back with Suri who held her hand in the moment of highest pain when she lost her father and everything else in the world. Her decision is the climax of the movie…

CLIMAX (Click and drag to read the climax): On the D-day of the dance show when Raj’s name is announced on the stage, he doesnt turn up. And after a few seconds on wait, SRK comes in as Suri and dances with Taani. It it only when Suri dances like Raj, does she Raj = Suri. Thank God… her passion for dancing helps her understand the “complex” equation… nahi to pata nahi kya hota! And then there is a typical Yash Raj banner dialogue and then THE END – I heaved a sigh of relief!

Rating: 4/10
My Thoughts: Don’t watch it unless someone buys u a ticket!