Crank – Pretty Good

7 04 2009


Crank is a typical Jason Statham movie. The fact that I love those kind of movies makes me love this one as well. Although I would not rate it at the same level as Transporter 1 or The Bank Job, it does pretty well to keep you at the edge of your seat. The story runs at such a blistering pace that if you miss five minutes of the movie, you would be completely lost. Jason Statham is at his best! The lead actress’ entry happens only half way through the movie – and her role is not important at all… she is just for adding the glamour (read “sex”) factor to the movie.

The movie starts with Jason being injected with some Chinese poison which would kill him the moment his heart rate drops. The rest of the movie is how he tries to keep his heart going using various creative techniques like consuming coke (the drug… not drink), drinking Red Bull, injecting himself Epinephrine, having sex with his girlfriend, etc etc…

The climax is interesting… the twist in the end – although not spine-chilling – but good enough to keep up the pace of the movie. And the end is made smartly enough – its sequel-ready! Now we’ll have to wait and watch how Crank 2 :: High Voltage turns out…

Rating: 3/5