Mappillai (2011) – Dhanush ~ Horrible!

16 04 2011

Dhanush has been one of my favorite actors off late. He does not have a charming personality, he does not have a great built (no built in fact) and yet his movies are very nice. In 2011, I saw Aadu Kalam and Seedan. Aadu Kalam was very good and Seedan was okay. But this one – Mappillai – was seriously horrible. It had stories flicked from all over the places and yet it looked like unfinished Lego blocks.

The first half-an-hour was unbearable. Vivek portraying a spoiled brat (“Youth” as he calls himself) was very bad. It was supposed to be the comedy part of the movie but forget laughing, I couldn’t even smile. The movie gets okay after Manisha Koirala’s entry. From there on, it could have been a good movie. And believe me, it looked promising. Especially from Manisha Koirala’s entry till interval looked like a typical Dhanush movie. But after that, it went from bad – to worse – to unbearable.

If you are still interested in reading the story, here it goes. The movie starts with Vivek getting hammered for being irresponsible. Vivek and his three useless friends just loiter around wasting their time and their parent’s money. Dhanush on the other hand is a “good boy” who goes to all the temples and acts responsibly. One day Dhanush gives an idea to stop their funding. Vivek comes to Dhanush for an idea to get rich and Dhanush asks him to love/marry a rich girl. Now comes Hansika Motwani and Vivek tries to woo her. But co-incidentally Dhanush impresses her. One day Manisha Koirala sees the two together and asks her henchmen to get Dhanush. She decides to select Dhanush as she needs a houesehold-son-in-law (veetodu mappillai). The cards are printed and then Koirala finds that Dhanush has a “past”!

Dhanush was a rowdy and was ousted by the villagers. But somehow Dhanush manages to marry Hansika. But Koirala stops the newly-wed to have their first night. But still Dhanush “does” it. Dhanush’s sister loves Hansika’s brother. One day Koirala insults Dhanush’s parents. To take revenge, Dhanush sets up Vivek as a rich businessman and Dhanush’s sister as Vivek’s daughter. Then follows a series of un-laughable, un-smilable comedy!

The climax is even more unbearable. I don’t think its even worth blogging it.

Rating: * (1 out of 5)


Fast and the Furious 4

12 04 2009
Fast & Furious 4

Fast & Furious 4

The movie is fast as its three predecessors, but not as furious. The movie starts with Vin Diesel (Dominic Toretto) and his team hijacking an oil tanker. It was an impressive start – I must say! The action was spot on and the adrenaline was created in the viewer’s mind. After this attempt, Toretto realizes that what they are doing is too dangerous and withdraws himself from the act and recommends others too to stop. He then moves to an unknown location in Panama City.

His girlfriend Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) gets herself killed. It’s then the quest to find her murderer that Toretto gets into. O’Connor (Paul Walker) from the FBI also investigates the case in parallel. FBI wants the head honcho of the crime network that was responsible for Letty’s murder. Toretto wants to punish the person who killed Letty. The rest of the movie revolving around this – with lots of action, races, and bikini babes!

The movie lacked the strength in the story. However the action and racing covered it up pretty decently. With a better storyline, the movie could have become a 8+ on IMDB. But anyways…!

Rating: 3½/5

The Prestige – Superb

11 04 2009
The Prestige

The Prestige

I had watched half of this movie somewhere in 2007 and I slept half way through the movie. It was at the onset of an era for me when I had just begun watching the “Drama” genre of movies. My love at that time was thrillers and action movies – movies which had fast-paced stories, lot of things happening on the scene, and stuff like that. But The Prestige is nothing like that. It is a typical Oscar-type movie.

The movie is about two rival magicians – young, enthusiastic, fame-hungry, and above all, hyper-passionate about their success. The story revolves around how these two magicians outperform each other and they try to know the secrets of their counterpart by hook or by crook.

While most of the time they manage to find out the secret, it is something that results in their own ruin. Although neither of them wanted to kill each other, they inadvertently end up doing that. And the last 15 minutes of the movie will take you through a storm. Let me warn you, the movie may look slow initially, but you will need to watch the movie very carefully, especially the second half, to understand what’s happening. The story is a bit complicated, but at the same time, it is very interesting. As many great movies are… the best part of the entire buildup of the movie is its climax. Christopher Nolan handles it very well in The Prestige.

Rating: 8/10

Crank – Pretty Good

7 04 2009


Crank is a typical Jason Statham movie. The fact that I love those kind of movies makes me love this one as well. Although I would not rate it at the same level as Transporter 1 or The Bank Job, it does pretty well to keep you at the edge of your seat. The story runs at such a blistering pace that if you miss five minutes of the movie, you would be completely lost. Jason Statham is at his best! The lead actress’ entry happens only half way through the movie – and her role is not important at all… she is just for adding the glamour (read “sex”) factor to the movie.

The movie starts with Jason being injected with some Chinese poison which would kill him the moment his heart rate drops. The rest of the movie is how he tries to keep his heart going using various creative techniques like consuming coke (the drug… not drink), drinking Red Bull, injecting himself Epinephrine, having sex with his girlfriend, etc etc…

The climax is interesting… the twist in the end – although not spine-chilling – but good enough to keep up the pace of the movie. And the end is made smartly enough – its sequel-ready! Now we’ll have to wait and watch how Crank 2 :: High Voltage turns out…

Rating: 3/5

Dhoondte Reh Jaoge – Yuck!

4 04 2009
Dhoondte Reh Jaoge

Dhoondte Reh Jaoge

This movie should be shown in the film institute to show “how not to make a movie”. If there would be Razzie Awards (for worst movies in a year) in India, this one is a front runner to be nominated. Everything in the movie is wrong except for Paresh Rawal. I think I would have stopped watching the movie half was through if it did not have a few moments of saving grace by Paresh Rawal.  Be it Kunal Khemu or Soha Ali Khan or Sonu Sood, everyone in the movie were irritating! Some scenes like the one where Kunal Khemu runs from the goons and Soha tells him “I did not expect this from you” crap – it looked so filmy! The story lacked content, logic, and punch. In fact it was like Pav Bhaji without red chili powder. And worst of it is the way they ended the movie. I mean, had they (Paresh Rawal and Kunal Khemu) been successful in the venture of making a flop movie, I felt that would have been easier to digest than the insane climax that was shown.

It is a sheet waste of time and I think this movie was made for the same reason for which “Solay to L’gaan” was made in the movie. The only thing that was logical in the movie is its title – Dhoondte Reh Jaoge – I am still searching (for the logic, the time wasted, anything and everything that you can think of…)

Rating: 1/5 (DO NOT WATCH)

Ong Bak – Thai Speciality

4 04 2009
Ong Bak Poster

Ong Bak

It was a word-of-mouth publicity about this movie that made me watch it. The movie is in Thai with English subtitles. It’s about a small village where the head of the statue of Gautam Buddha (Ong Bak) is stolen by a don. The hero – Tim (Tony Jaa) is an orphan in the village, who is an expert in Muay Thai, volunteers to get the head of the statue back. He goes to the city where he meets his friend – Humlae. Ting gets into a number of fights because of his friend but he never fights for money. In one such fight, he sees the villain. Then the climax is about how he fights the villain and get Ong Bak back to his village.

The fight sequences in the movie are breathtaking. They are so creative and different from what we have been seeing of Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. The pace of the movie is also very good. If you like action movies, this one is surely going to be an out-and-out entertainer for you!

Rating: 4/5

Dev.D – The Debacle

3 04 2009
Dev.D Poster


I started watching this movie without much expectations – I hardly have any expectations from Anurag Kashyap. And to my surprise, the movie was not that bad (but min you, it was not good either!!). The cast, except for Abhay Deol may not even be recognizable. I felt Abhay Deol was top class (as usual). Mahie Gill and Kalki Koechlin as Paro and Chanda respectively were below par. Both of them need serious acting classes before they do their next film.

The flow of the movie was in lines with the masterpiece – Devdas. But throughout the movie, there was dryness. The movie does not keep the viewer held up. The character of Dev is so irrational. A normal person would never do something like what Dev does so often. It is okay if you portray a character with irrational behavior, but at least do it with consistency… but even that is missing!!!

Overall the movie was okay – if you don’t have anything good to do, then watch this movie. It is better than No Smoking and Gulaal. But still, I would have to give serious thought before watching Kashyap’s next venture – Jihaad.

Rating: 2/5